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Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 003 – Android Apps


Dan, the Cyberpunk Librarian, presents a special Episode 3 of the show tied to a talk that he gave at the Maricopa County Library District’s All Staff Training Day! Join him for a huge list of recommended Android Apps both for your work life and your totally non-work life!

Download Episode 003

Or listen right here!

Show notes:

A big ol’ page full of Android App recommendations!

The new Google Play Market, because “Android App Market” was just a little too descriptive, you know?

The Amazon App Store.

Music featured in the show:

Optimus L’Chaim (Opening and Closing Theme) by Daniel Messer

On Your Way by Daniel Messer

Gypsy by Radion (featuring John Jacob Niles) – available on New 6.0

Walk Over Ghosts by Détaché – available on New 6.0

Preach It by Addicted White Guy – available on New 6.0

Yoqmage by Oshunmare – available on New 6.0


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