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Cyberpunk Librarian: The PODCAST!


Welcome, one and all, to the first episode of the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast!

After some thought, I decided to launch a new podcast with some more in depth looks at things that technologically minded library types might find useful or interesting! Since this is the premiere episode, and since I basically have to post this first to get things set up for RSS and iTunes, I don’t have an iTunes feed going just yet. I’ll get one soon though, right after I do a little feed editing and the like.

A few minutes after this little post goes live, I’ll update it with a RSS feed you can stuff into your favourite podcatcher to pick up on the podcast itself. So if you’re just now getting here, stay tuned and check back in ten minutes or so!

Done! Now you can subscribe to the podcast! iTunes link will be available fairly soon! And now you can subscribe through iTunes as well!

Meanwhile, you can always listen online, right here on the site via the nifty little widget below. Or download the podcast directly!

Show Notes:

  • Sigil – Main site on Google Code or Download. As a side note, it looks like a new update dropped two days ago. I’ve not played with it yet and the bugs I talk about in this episode may well have been fixed!
  • My main website here on Not All Bits.
  • The theme music for Cyberpunk Librarian is a tune called Optimus L’Chaim by Daniel Messer. Download available soon. Download.
  • Musical interludes through this episode are from the song Tesseract by Daniel Messer. Download.


  1. Great first podcast. I just wanted to send a shout out for Scrivener. Although it is not open source and works only on Macs and Windows it has all of the features you mentioned with Sigil and is quite mature in its EPUB rendering. At $45 it is not unreasonable either I assume Calibre is coming next?

    • You’re very astute and yes, I’ll be talking about Calibre on the next one! And you’re right, Scrivener is awesome and I’d recommend it to any serious writer, especially those who write scenes and then stitch those scenes together as a whole.

  2. Terrifc Podcast Dan. This was information I really needed. Where’s the link for the book?

    • No link just yet! I’m looking through a final build and making little adjustments here and there. Should be ready to go in a week or so and I’ll most likely have it up on Amazon!

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