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I Wrote a Book!


A while back I used to do a series of podcasts and online videos called Hyperlinked History. Basically, these shows were light and, hopefully, entertaining little history documentaries to give you an educational boost for the day and allow you to tell your friends that you learned something that day. I had this collection of essays and I figured that, at some point, they’d make a really decent book.

So I finally wrote the book, or at least collected the essays into a book.

I even talked about the process a bit on the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast when I discussed how to make an ePub in Sigil. After I collected and edited and looked at my ePub format book, I turned it into a Kindle compatible file and published it on Amazon through their Kindle Direct Publishing programme. It was really easy, and hey, now I can add “author” to a list of stuff I’ve done. (Unfortunately, I’m still unable to add “interdimensional time lord” to that list… yet.)

Anyway, if you’re at all into history, you might take a look at the thing. The basic format of each essay is that I start with a point in the past, and work my way forward to a completely different, and seemingly unrelated point in the future. Along the way you see how the little changes, the tiny interlinking of events can lead to surprising destinations.

So if you happen to have five bucks you’re willing to blow, you could do worse than buy a copy of my book, Hyperlinked History – A Multifaceted Journey Through Time. It’s available on Amazon and works on Kindle and Kindle apps.

I’m also looking at SmashWords as another venue to sell through, but that’ll be a little later on. So if you don’t have a Kindle or Kindle app device, I’ll have another format ready for y’all pretty soon!

Also, hit up my Hyperlinked History page right here on this site. It has links to all kinds of bonus content like the original podcasts and the online show. All of that stuff is free and you don’t have to buy the book or anything. Take a listen or have a watch and it’ll be like a try before you buy experience!

Anyway, all the money made from sales of the book will go to fund the podcast and future projects here on Not All Bits!

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