How Reading Habits Have Evolved in The Modern Era

Reading, the most basic form of gaining knowledge, and immersing yourself in a new world without being there in real-life, is changing drastically. Long before the newer forms of entertainment came into existence, books were the most popular form of entertainment. The words written on the pages of a book has the power to transport your soul into some other world. There was a time when books were only available to the elites and were not less than a luxury in any way. Before the printing machine came into existence, books were tough to create.

Technological Advance

With the technological revolution that has come in the 21st century, almost everything, including the way we read books and gain knowledge has changed. New apps are being launched every day to make your reading experience more comfortable and effortless. Though one might argue that these apps can’t take the place of the feeling of turning the pages of a book, still there are some very apparent advantages that these apps have given the readers. You don’t have to search for the book you want to read on the shelves of the library, which was a challenging task in itself. All the books are just a click away from you.

Effect on Students

The digitalization of the world has impacted not only regular readers but also school education. It’s not the same anymore when students used to pack their bags with books and notebooks to study in the school. They carry single tablets and laptops in their school bags and have everything inside that device. Students don’t need different books for different subjects now. All of their course can be found on their laptop. Copying work has also become a thing of the past now. You can quickly get the notes now from a click. Not just the study, even the exams are not the same. Online exams are fast becoming the regular exam mode now.

Book Reading Apps

The avid readers in the past would have a collection of hundreds of books at home. You can still have the collection of your favourite books, but it’s no more required. Online collection or e-books collection is the taste of today. You can find any book on the different apps available on the Google play store today. Also, these apps have all the facilities that a reader requires. From bookmarking the page you were reading, to listening to the narration of the book, you have it all on the apps. Some people might argue about the effect the mobile screens have on the eyes, but there are different options like night mode to keep your eyes safe.

Future Predictions

The digitalization has affected the reading habits of the readers almost in the same way the printing press changed. The old generation of today is still keeping book reading habits alive, and a few gen-y people prefer hard books. Looking at the future, it is difficult to say what direction reading would take. However, with the growth of the audiobook industry and translating of books into web video series is a promise that the future might provide book lovers.