The Most Beautiful Libraries of The World

If you love books, then you would love libraries. Libraries are often grand and beautiful, but some of them are more beautiful than the rest. Here are a few the most beautiful libraries located around the world.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria

One of the most catastrophic events that ever occurred in history was the great fire of the Alexandria library. There were over seven hundred thousand texts that were lost, but even so, there was a new library opened to be its successor. Egypt established the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and it was used as a cultural hub that contained texts from the whole world. Many countries have given donations to the library, which is a center that focuses on understanding, tolerance, learning, and dialogue. The library has four museums, and they host workshops and art exhibitions. There are over four million books in the library’s collection, and it keeps growing.

The Old Library of the Trinity College in Dublin

Going to the Old Library of Trinity College and reading the Book of Kells is something that you wouldn’t dream of missing out on experiencing. The ancient manuscript from the 9th century may be fascinating, but if you’re interested in experiencing more, you should check out what surrounds the Old Library. The surroundings of the library are magnificent. You’ll be able to explore the Long Room that was built in the 18th century and has over two hundred thousand of the most ancient books. You will also find books that were created in the image of great people from the West.

Old Library of the Trinity College in Dublin

The Bodleian Library in Oxford

The Bodleian Libary is most famous library in the UK, and it is one of the oldest libraries across Europe. Almost four hundred years all books published in the UK were added to the collection of this library as well. The library is a large organization that holds over twelve million books that are stored in different locations all over the town. Several buildings and passageways that run underground are filled with books.

The Rampur Raza Library in Uttar Pradesh

The Rampur Raza Library was built in the 18th century and it is a monument for the nation of Uttar Pradesh. Ever since the library was started in 1774, it has been a center for studying Indo-Islamic subjects. The king started the collection as a private one, but a lot of books were added over the years. You will find inscriptions on palm leaves and manuscripts among other texts in the library’s collection.

Rampur Raza Library in Uttar Pradesh

The Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence

Being in the capital of Italy, the Biblioteca Medicea Lauenziana is bound to be a library that you will be amazed to see. The library is a part of the Medici family’s church. The library, which was built from a design that was created by Michelangelo, was established in 1571. This library has the Medici family’s private collection stored inside, there are printed texts that are centuries old and illuminated manuscripts as well. The library has a quiet reading room where are desks and benches that are as old as the library itself.