Ways to Build a Reading Habit

Reading books is something you have to find fun in doing. If a book is boring, don’t force yourself to finish it. If you want to start reading more, here are some tips to help establish a solid reading habit:

  1. Have a schedule – setting a plan when to read a book is an excellent way to get the habit. If you allocate certain times dedicated to reading, then you will get used to reading often. One easy way to get you started is to schedule reading during lunch or dinner and read for a few minutes.
  2. Keep a book – having a book with you will help you pass the time when you’re bored. You will have times where you are idle and have nothing to do, but when you have a book, so you can pull it out and start reading.
  3. Make a reading list – whenever you discover a book after hearing or reading about it somewhere, write it down on a list. This list will help you remember the exciting books you heard about. This reminder will get you to read those books since you will also remember them easily.
  4. Have a peaceful place to read – find the coziest corner of your home and make it your reading spot. Make sure you don’t lie down since that will make you sleepy. If there is no quiet place in your home, try to make your own, or head to a library.
  5. Cut back on internet/television – you may be distracted by what’s on TV or what’s new on your social media, so make sure you reduce your usage of television and smartphone.
  6. Have a reading log – make sure you record the title and author of a book, the date you start and finish it, as well as the comments and your insights. This will help you to keep tracking of what you’re reading and will show your progress.
  7. Find books you have fun engaging with – when you’re having fun, time flies. When books are something you enjoy, then you’ll have fun.
  8. Make sure it’s pleasing to read – try to make reading to be one of your favorite things to do. Drink some coffee or tea while reading. Eat some soothing food and be seated comfortably as you read. Read at sunrise or sunset so you can enjoy a pleasing view while reading.
  9. Post about your reading journey online – start a blog if you haven’t already started one and post information about the books you read or the books you want to read on it. When you post it online, you will garner comments from fellow readers interested in the books that you’ve read or ones you’re interested in.
  10. Have a big reading goal – set high reading goals, so you don’t accomplish it too quickly. Make sure it’s not impossibly big either, so you aren’t scared away. Apps and websites such as Goodreads are very helpful.
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