Weirdest Libraries That Are Worth To Visit

Some libraries are not just about simple fantastical texts – they are plain weird. Here are some of the most mysterious and interesting libraries around the world that you would like to visit at least once in your life:

The Open Library

The Nazis destroyed a Jewish cemetery in Krems an der Donau, which was an Austrian town. The graveyard contained burial stones and many lost written records. Today, the cemetery has a memorial that displays the records of local Jews who were victims of the Holocaust’s names. There are also three bookshelves in the grave, which are part of an art project by two artists. The three bookshelves make up the Open Library. The shape of the bookshelves resembles gravestones. All books contained within the bookshelves are in Hebrew, German, and English and the books are about the death, history and the philosophy of the Jews.

The Haskell Free Library

Lying right on the border of Canada and the United States is the Haskell Free Library, which was established in 1905. The library has entrances on both sides of the border, one in Canada and one in the United States. Cutting diagonally across the library’s floor is a black line that separates the library in the parts that are in Canada and the United States. The library has books that are in English and French. You won’t have to go to customs or anything, if you leave the same way you entered.

Haskell Free Library

The McAllen Public Library

After a Walmart branch left their building to move to a more spacious location nearby, the McAllen Public Library was transferred into this old building. The Walmart building was over four times bigger than the library’s former building. In 2011, the old Walmart building went through a renovation that cost over twenty million dollars. After the restoration, the most prominent public library with only one floor became the McAllen Public Library. The library was recognized as the most beautiful one in Texas.

McAllen Public Library

The Children’s Mobile Library

Being operated by an author for over 20 years, the Children’s Mobile Library in Mongolia has traveled across Mongolia with a camel, a horse, and then, a van. The author uses transportation to help kids in provinces and give them an opportunity to read some books. Many kids have no access to libraries or public schools there because of the geographical and social circumstances, so he brings the library to them. He allows kids to read as many books as they can by staying in the location for a couple of days.

The Nice Public Library

The public library in Nice, France has a large surrealist sculpture that is built to look like a blockhead. The artist who designed the sculpture, Sacha Sosno, worked in the city until he died in 2013. He wanted the sculpture to be the most massive sculpture in the world that is placed inside the building. If you see the sculpture in person, you’ll be amazed at the sculpture as it contains seven floors, with a height of 28 meters.